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I don't want to sell my house. My husband and I were married here. We started our family here. Our daughter just started high school right down the street. All my best memories are here. But my husband died a few months ago, and now I can't afford the monthly payments.

But then Art Link came along and he saved the day. We talked about my situation, and he said "I have a better idea. Don't sell your house." In return for an option to buy the house after my daughter graduates, he gave me $5,000 cash so that I could pay off the $4,000 balance on my car loan and another $1,000 to put aside in case of a household emergency. Now with the car payment out of the way, I can afford everything else.

In four years, we'll talk about it again. If he still wants to buy the house, the $5,000 will count as a down payment. Otherwise, he loses.

Art Link, I can't thank you enough!

Sarah G.
Smyrna, GA

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"I don't want to sell my house"

Sarah G.

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